THPT - Khối lớp: 10 - 12

Chương trình học

Mỗi ngày học, mỗi ngày sống là một ngày khám phá trong hạnh phúc của từng học sinh trường Quốc tế Nam Mỹ UTS. Xuất phát từ quá trình nghiên cứu giáo dục chuyên sâu, chương trình học tập tại UTS được thiết kế nhằm đưa việc học trở thành trách nhiệm và sở thích của từng học sinh, giúp học sinh hiểu được ý nghĩa của việc học đối với bản thân và xã hội, qua đó hình thành thói quen học tập suốt đời. Học sinh UTS học ở trên lớp, học ở nhà, học từ thầy cô, bạn bè và học ở ngoài cuộc sống.

About the program

High School is a decisive stage for students. After 3 years, students need to make decisions for their future and are officially recognized as adults. Understanding the importance of this stage, the High School Educational Program of UTS aims to equip future owners of the nation with thorough knowledge and necessary practical values in the Global Integration era.

1. High School Educational Program

The learning model of UTS is custom-built subject to students’ capability. The number of lessons is reasonably allocated, and we increase the number of supplements intensive curriculum in subjects at which are the students strong at. With High School students, we strengthen group and experience activities and close the gap between theoretic and practice. Throughout, we orient students to become global citizens who have a thorough knowledge, good skills, adapting to the development of society.

Besides knowledge and skills, UTS understands that everyone should be equipped with an ambitious attitude, integration, and moral values. Therefore, the High School curriculum always encourages students to participate in many projects and social activities which enable them to recognize values of themselves in a bigger community.

trường trung học phổ thông quốc tế
Students compete in a basketball match at UTS.

1.1. Output goals of High School Educational Program.

At UTS, learning is not just about books, it is an opportunity to train morality, constitution, and emotion. The precise aims of UTS while designing the High School Educational Program are:

  • Enhancing learning quality: Aiming to educate a student generation who has thorough knowledge and skills. They need to understand the meaning of knowledge equipment, active learning in the classroom, at home, and from real life.
  • Enhancing morality, life skills, life values: We specialize in training the morality of students, first, is building discipline, teaching students how to live, and educating them about self-awareness in learning and working.
  • Associating career counseling with learning. Finding passion or career in the future, then live happily is not beginning after the university period but from students’ hobbies, experiences obtained from each day going to school. Understanding its meaning, at the High School stage, we build Targeted Educational programs that enable students to get real experience and find out their own career paths.
trường trung học phổ thông quốc tế hcm
Special Educational Programs encourage students to debate and raise their voice

Output goals:

  • Building initiative and self-study
  • Developing life skills, ambitious attitude, integrity, and moral values
  • High School Diploma
  • IELTS 7.0

1.2. High School Educational Program

UTS bring modern Bilingual Educational Program to students, including:

  • The program of the Ministry of Educational and Training is optimized.
  • International English Program – IP is strengthened to equip the global language.
  • Talent Development Program helps promote skills fostering and virtue development.

1.3. Teaching method

Learning is most effective with appropriate teaching methods and a dedicated teacher. With the High School Educational Program, we always try to complete these two elements.

Based on the liberal education philosophy and academic experience, we build the educational program aiming to nurture a generation of life-long learners.

Besides a well-designed educational program, with skills centric, UTS’ teachers always research and apply new teaching methods to equip students with subjects’ specific and core capacity to be ready for the uncertain future ahead. Constructive education is the origin of UTS’ teaching method to exploit and develop their maximum talents.

Some teaching methods in High School Educational Program of UTS including:

  • Inquiry-based.
  • Project-based.
  • Conceptual thinking.
  • Reversed class.
  • Problem-solving.
trường trung học phổ thông quốc tế tphcm
Students of Grade 10 in a creative learning project named “Road and Bridge Engineer”

2. Targeted Education Programs

2.1. SEL Program

The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program is based on UNICEF’s skills groups (UNICEF Life Skills Learning and Teaching: Concepts and Standard – 2010) including:

  • Thinking & cognitive skills: including the skills of analyzing, synthesizing information to solve problems and, make decisions responsibly.
  • Self-management: including the skills to recognize oneself, control emotions, motivate oneself, and manage oneself.
  • Relationship skills: including communication skills, positive interaction with others, teamwork, effective coordination, empathy, and understanding.

The program is based on Social & Emotional Learning, an approach that is highly appreciated by UNICEF and helps students make progress in academic performance and behavior. It also enhances the skills groups mentioned above.

2.2. STEM Program

UTS tích hợp giáo dục STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics), một phương pháp đã được áp dụng rộng rãi tại Mỹ và nhiều quốc gia khác, vào chương trình giảng dạy chính khóa. Thông qua chương trình STEM, học sinh sẽ vận dụng các kiến thức Toán và Khoa học vào giải quyết những vấn đề, thách thức thực tiễn trong cuộc sống.

2.3. ICT Program according to Microsoft standards

At UTS, 100% of students will be allowed to be accessing to age-appropriate learning technology. In the ICT program, students have access to international-standard ICT instructional content. Also, UTS encourages students to use technology devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to support the learning process.

2.4. Students Clubs

UTS has more than 25 clubs in 3 groups: Logical, Physical & Artistic Club. There are places to connect UTS students with talents, interests, and passions. We aim to be a model of student-led clubs, where students are the operator whereas teachers are the mentors.

2.5. Experience Learning Program: more than 10 activities per year

UTS builds a unique experiential learning program for each grade with a variety of activities, aimed at supporting regular school hours, training personality, and essential skills for students.

For High School students, we focus on future-oriented experiential activities which help students approach and research valuable knowledge and values for their future paths.

trường trung học phổ thông quốc tế tại hcm
An interesting Biology lesson with “ADN extraction” practical activity

2.6. Extensive Reading Program

With Extensive Reading – “learn to read”, students can choose the book they want to read at the library and enjoy the story/book in the most natural way and through that, they will develop:

  • Comprehensive development of language skills: Not only improving reading skills, but ER also helps students develop related skills such as listening, speaking, and writing by providing additional vocabulary and expanding their knowledge.
  • Develop active reading habits and a love for reading.

Currently, at UTS, the Extended Reading program has been implemented in all grades with 03 Extended Reading periods per week: 01 Vietnamese reading period & 02 English reading periods under the guidance of literature teacher, and foreign teachers.

2.7. University, Oversea Studying and Career Counseling Program

University, overseas studying, and career counseling are UTS’ priorities in our Educational Program. With High School Program, UTS build the throughout university, overseas studying, and career counseling program framework for students with many activities, meetings with higher education organization; researching and discovering careers in the official curriculum; building up the university, overseas studying, and career counseling rooms.

Besides, association with Van Lang Education Ecosystem helps UTS become one of the inter-level schools which has capable of bringing different, resonant values in linking with higher education, enterprise, and international cooperation. Therefore, UTS’ High School students have the opportunity to approach with higher education system soon: University and Post-graduate, research about careers and careers trends nowadays. It can be considered a highlight in the UTS High School Educational Program.

trường trung học phổ thông quốc tế tại tphcm
Orientation activities help UTS students take form overall knowledge.

3. Tuition Fee

Parents can refer to the UTS Primary program fees for the 2020-2021 school year here.

At UTS, we appreciate the talent of each student and always try to create the best environment to nurture talents. With the UTS High School Educational Program, students will be given the key which comes from knowledge, skills, attitude to open their prominent future doors.