UTS preventing Corona virus

UTS preventing Corona virus

The outbreak of acute respiratory disease caused by a new strain of Corona virus (nCoV) (Wuhan pneumonia) is becoming more and more complicated.

To ensure safety and to say no to the corona virus, US Vietnam Talent International School has seriously taken practical measures as follows:

📍 Screening body temperature of all teachers, staff continuously on every day of the week
📍 Cleaning all classrooms, functional rooms, restrooms with disinfectant solution
📍 Inspecting and changing the filters of the entire air conditioning system

In addition to preventing the disease at school, US Vietnam Talent International School has emailed preventive measures to UTS-ers and their families at home.

In case any student/family member has just returned from China, please notify the school via the address and method specified in the email.

We wish all UTS-ers and your families good health so that we can meet again “on time” on February 10th, 2020