A “Periscope” made by UTS-er, why not?

A “Periscope” made by UTS-er, why not?

Periscope is an extremely important part of submarines, warships, … to observe from obstructed positions. It seems complicated but at UTS, the Grade 7 students have created their own periscopes. It is “genuine”, right!

By Project Based Method, Teacher Anh Tri (Physics Teacher) instructed students to apply the Law of Reflection to create Periscope. The products have ensured the structure and practical use but still have the students’ creativity.
After 4 weeks of the Project-Based class, the UTS-ers learned:
– Apply theory to practice, understand the application of the “Periscope”
– Improve teamwork and presentation skills by introducing products to teachers and friends.
– Improve the imagination and creativity
– The awareness of environmental protection by using recycled and reused materials
“Learning with practice” is what Mr. Cong Thai – Deputy Principal of High School emphasized in the closing ceremony of the Project “Periscope”. It is also the desire of the teacher and UTS that through such classes, students can both firmly in theory, good at practice, and how to apply knowledge into practice.